Sunday, February 15, 2009

my sleepless nights...

I have had sleep apnea for about 12 years maybe longer. My first sleep study was in 1999 and it was proven without a doubt that sleep apnea was what I had. I was set up with a C-pap machine.
I had to have a mask that fit over my mouth because I sleep with my mouth open. The results were terrible. I couldn’t get used to the sound the machine or the air pressure that was continuously being pushed down my throat. The c-pap experiment lasted for about a month. I went back to another sleep study and they tried me out with a bi-pap.
It was a little better but not much. I tried for about 2 months before I gave that up. It is a very unnatural feeling to have air being blown down your throat. And wearing a mask is no picnic.

I still look through the internet to see if there is anything else out on the market.
Of course I could opt for surgery but that doesn’t always work.

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