Sunday, March 8, 2009

Surgery for Sleep Apnea

This subject will probably take more than one blog entry. So this will just be an introduction to the various types of surgery for Sleep Apnea.

  • Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP) I know that's a mouthful, excuse the pun. This surgery removes tissues from the back of your mouth and if you haven't already had your tonsils out they might take them too. It requires a hospital stay and they use a general anesthetic. Its more successful for stopping snoring than Sleep Apnea because there may be more tissue farther down the throat.
  • Maxillomandibular advancement The upper and lower part of your jaw is removed from your face bone. That sounds great doesn't it. It enlarges the space between your tongue and soft palate eliminating some of the obstruction.
  • Tracheostomy This is for severe sleep apnea when all else has failed. A hole is made in your throat in order for a tube to be placed in it. During the day the hole is covered up but at night it's open and you breath through the tube in the hole. Lets hope it doesn't come to that.
Well none of those sound like good alternatives but if it helps you sleep at night it might come to surgery.
As allways talk to your doctor about your options.

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