Sunday, May 31, 2009

Caffeine and sleep apnea

Caffeine can be found naturally in many plants such as coffee beans and tea leafs. It seems to be the perfect thing to get us awake in the morning or keep us awake late at night. It’s a stimulant that blocks chemicals that makes us sleepy. It doesn’t really get rid of being tired it just hides it. And it works fast, within 15 minutes the effects take place.

Do we need caffeine? Is it vital to our survival? No. It certainly isn’t good for a child. They don’t need stimulants, do they? There are been reports of coffee being beneficial in helping curb some diseases but there still needs to be more testing.

You would think that Doctors wouldn’t recommend anyone with sleep apnea, especially the severe form, to drink coffee. They probably wouldn’t. Sleep apnea is caused by blockage in the throat not by caffeine, but the real problem with coffee or those high energy drinks that are loaded with caffeine is that they hide the fact that someone has sleep apnea. If someone always feels tired in the morning, like me, then some drink with caffeine in it helps me feel like I’m awake. But the sleep apnea still exists and the problems, the numerous problems, associated with it are still there.

Of course with any drink filled with caffeine the high only lasts so long than you need another drink. In other’s words you are hooked on it.

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