Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sleep apnea’s effects on driving

It goes without saying that driving requires you to be fully awake and alert. Sure, you have driven tired before and you have never been in an accident. But do you really want to take a chance? All that it takes is a moment to close your eyes and fall asleep in order to wreck your car possibly killing yourself and others.

What are the danger signs of falling asleep at the wheel?

Rubbing your eyes constantly will blur your vision and make concentrating on the road harder.

You start thinking about something that happened a while ago maybe at home or at work. Since you are already tired, especially if you have sleep apnea, you could momentarily forget where you are at and lose control of the car.

You are nodding off, literally. If you can’t keep that head up then you better pull off to the side of the road.

You can’t stop yawning. That’s okay if you are on the couch watching TV; it’s not okay if you are on the interstate.

All these situations are magnified when you have sleep apnea. Even after being in bed all night you get out of bed in the morning and you are still tired but you have to go to work. You get behind the wheel and somehow you make it to work. You are taking a big chance every day.

You wouldn’t want someone else on the road that didn’t have complete control of their car. So get the rest that you need. If you have sleep apnea this is a great reason to get help for it.

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