Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A terrific website about Sleep Apnea

Last week I received a comment from Steve Gardner, executive director of the Reggie White Sleep Disorders Foundation. I googled the website and I was really impressed!

If you are a football fan you know who Reggie White was. If you don’t he was one of the greatest defensive linemen in the history of the game. He played for the Packers, the Eagles and the Panthers. He was instrumental in leading the Packers to their super bowl victory in 1997.

But Reggie White was much more than a football star; he was an ordained minister and much beloved family man and community leader.

He passed away in 2004 from heart complications with sleep apnea possibly having a role in his death.

Mr. White’s wife Sara in conjunction with the Sleep Wellness Institute founded the Reggie White Sleep Disorder Foundation. It is a non-profit organization.

Please check out the web site at

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