Sunday, August 23, 2009

My latest doctor visit regarding my sleep apnea

On Friday I had an appointment to see a new doctor about my sleep apnea. I felt pretty good about going because he was in the same group as the doctor who treats my meniere’s disease. So I knew where to go and it was a comfortable setting.

Anyway the visit didn’t take long at all, as I expected. I brought with me my sleep study from last year. I don’t think that it helped much since I had only slept for about an hour or so. The new doctor didn’t waste anytime and began by looking into my mouth. He saw how big my tongue was. He also remarked that since my head and face were so big that combined with my enlarged tongue made me a candidate for surgery.

He then described the surgery and it didn’t sound very good. There would be an incision under my chin and somehow my tongue would be pulled forward. After the tongue was pulled forward 3 little screws (they would have to be little, I presume!) would be inserted under my chin holding everything together. To top that off I would have the worst sore throat in my life for about 10 days. My other option would be to give the cpap another try.

That sounds great doesn’t it! I guess I will be going to another sleep study and giving the cpap or bipap or apap another chance. I pretty much know that was what my options were before I went to the doctor’s office.

Right now I have a wisdom tooth that needs to be pulled bad, so after that I will be scheduling another sleep study.

Oh, and asked him if I had a deviated septum. I had one doctor say that I did and one say that I didn’t. He was going to be the tie breaker. He looked up my nose and said that I certainly didn’t have a deviated septum and that having deviated septum surgery wouldn’t help my sleep apnea anyway. This was contrary to what the first doctor that I saw told me.

So the moral of the story is to always get a second opinion!

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