Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sleep Apnea and anxiety

Sleep apnea causes many health related problems from heart disease to diabetes. Sleep apnea can also bring on anxiety, which can be just as bad as any other ailment.

In a previous post I wrote about how sleep apnea had contributed to my depression. Not being able to sleep due to sleep apnea and feeling depressed is an awful combination if you are trying to get some rest. Since your mind doesn’t enjoy the rejuvenating effects of REM, your depression keeps on building. The same can be said about anxiety, without a deep sleep your brain never gets a break from anxiety.

And it isn’t just the usual anxiety of everyday living such as dealing with relationships, work and money; it is also dealing with the anxiety that comes on because of sleep apnea. Every night you try to go to sleep only to wake up every few minutes. It gets to the point where you don’t want to even try to go to bed, but you do hoping that you will at least get a little rest. Night after night of this and you become a nervous wreck.

There is also anxiety trying to make different treatments work. Most people who have had any luck with the cpap had to go through some trying times before they got used to the mask. And just the thought of some of the sleep apnea surgeries are enough to make anyone anxious.

So if you are feeling anxious about your sleep apnea situation you are not alone. As with any illness or disorder, persistence at finding the right treatment is the best way to get rid of your anxiety and stress.

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  1. Go join a good patient forum for sleep apnea. The guys at cpaptalk dot com saved my life. Get a machine that has the software that monitors everything that is going on with your breathing while you are sleep. This was the only way I could get my CPAP therapy right and keep on living. CPAP is a DIY therapy. The sleep labs and doctors can diagnose you, but they can't know what things are like in your own bed at home. Make a commitment and get to work on it. Sleep apnea untreated can be totally devastating.

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