Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Will you ever recover your rest from sleep apnea?

As the years go by and you struggle with the lack of rest you get because of the sleep apnea, you have to wonder if you will ever recover the sleep that you lost. I know I do.

On a past post I have written about sleep debt and how your body’s loss of sleep builds up over the years. You have to wonder if that debt can ever really be paid off, especially if you are getting older. I’m 51 and it is something that I consider. I know of all the terrible things that sleep apnea; can do to your body like heart disease, high blood pressure, addiction and other health issues.

The question is can you catch up on the sleep that you have been losing?

Usually when sleep debt is mentioned it is referred to someone not sleeping very well for a few days or weeks. When compared to the loss of someone who has sleep apnea the number of sleeping hours lost isn’t that great. If you have cut back on sleep for a week, a few good nights sleep can usually get you back on track.

Of course if you have sleep apnea and the amount of sleep that you have lost amounts to many months even years how in the world would you ever make that up? I know that people who have successfully used the cpap masks feel a lot better than they did and I suppose some people have found relief with surgery. But is the amount of sleep that they are getting now ever going to eliminate the years of sleep apnea?

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  1. Have you tried visiting a sleep dentist? their treatments are very helpful, especially in what sleep apnea is concerned.

  2. I have thought about it but my OSA is so severe that I don't know if it would help.
    thanks for commenting