Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sleep Apnea and the New Year's Resolution

 It is almost the end of 2009 and it is time to make resolutions for 2010. Are you planning on making the same ones that you break every year or are there any new ones that you want to take a shot at? Perhaps you are like me and want to get something done about your sleep apnea problem.

I am one to talk about breaking New Year’s resolutions. I don’t know if I have ever stuck with any plan or resolution that started in January. If I made it February with a diet or exercise plan I was doing pretty well. That’s why I usually haven’t made any resolutions in the past few years. Maybe I shouldn’t call it a resolution or maybe I should start it on February first instead.

Anyway in 2010 I definitely need to do something about my sleep apnea. Last year I concentrated on controlling my meniere’s disease and I think that I was successful. But this year it’s the sleep apnea that I have to do something about. I don’t know what exactly I will do but I have to do something. The thought of going to another sleep study makes my stomach turn. I have been to 6 sleep studies before this and I have used the 2 different types of cpap (cpap and bipap) with no success. But the alternative to the cpap is surgery, as I wrote about in a previous post it is a surgery that doesn’t sound too pleasant.

Well I hope that you had a good year and I hope that 2010 is satisfying and productive for you. I will continue to blog about sleep apnea and my meniere’s in the coming year.

Thanks and happy New Year.




  1. I had no luck with the CPAP or Bi-PAP machine. But I seem to be improving slowly with the ASV machine. I would recommend asking your sleep doctor about it. Good luck with it. I know how frustrating this stuff is.

  2. I am not familiar with the ASV machine, thats for the information.
    Keep in touch and let me know how it is going.