Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sleep Apnea and Noise

There are many reasons why I couldn’t use the cpap mask and machine. Not only was the fit uncomfortable and the air pushing down my throat unnatural, there was another problem. Its one problem that a lot of people have with all the types of continuous airway machines and that is the noise.

If you are a light sleeper like me even the slightest sound can keep you up. I am forever tightening faucets so the sound of dripping water doesn’t keep me up. And dogs barking in the neighborhood at all hours of the night is another one that annoys me to no end.

The hearing in my left ear is almost shot so it is actually sort of a blessing in an odd way because it cuts down on the noise that I hear at night

The sound that comes from the cpap machine, at least the ones that I had, was very annoying and probably the worst sound was when there was a leak in the mask. I know that the manufacturers of cpap and bipap machines now days are very cognizant of this problem and they are making the machines have less of a roaring sound and more of a hum like a sound machine.

I would love to hear about other’s personal experiences with the sound of the cpap machines.

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  1. Did you try contacting an occupational therapist for working with you and your CPAP machine? I know they are so difficult to use and get used to. But they do work. My Occ Heath doctor helped me (trained me, day in and day out) to use my CPAP device effectively. It did take some time, but I finally got the hang of it. The organization I got my CPAP device from,, connected me with the doctor after I complained that the stupid device was not working. Give it a might just work.

  2. Good advice, I'll check out that website.