Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sleep Apnea and Relationship strains

Being tired all the time is no fun. Lack of rest can increase your chance of heart disease and diabetes and that can weigh heavily upon you. Then depression and despair follows, sleep apnea is a real pain. But it isn’t just a pain for you, it is also one for your partner, who has to put up with the snoring and the strain that sleep apnea puts on a relationship.

Unfortunately damaged relationships are just another harmful side effect of sleep apnea. Even if your partner is a saint that unique grunting sound that accompanies sleep apnea will eventually be too much for them. They may stick cotton in their ears or turn up a sound machine to try to muffle the sound of your snoring but it usually doesn’t work. And when they have had enough of the maddening sound they will head for another room, preferably one that is far enough away so they don’t hear you gasping for air every couple of minutes.

This isn’t good for a relationship. (Believe me)

Let say that you have a cpap machine and you are one of the fortunate ones that it benefits, is your problem solved? Maybe, maybe not. The cpap also makes a sound, although they are making them less noisy. If your partner is okay with that then good, that problem is solved.

Of course there is also the subject of intimacy in bed. There certainly isn’t any question that the mask can’t remain on while being intimate, it would kill the mood a little don’t you think. It might look like your partner is having sex with someone on life support. That can’t be a turn on.

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  1. There are three types of sleep apnea : central , pbstructive and copmplex. Breathing is interrupted by the lack of respiratory effort in central sleep apnea; in obstructive sleep apnea, breathing is interrupted by a physical block to airflow despite respiratory effort. In complex (or "mixed") sleep apnea, there is a transition from central to obstructive features during the events themselves.

  2. thanks I appreciate the comment

  3. There really is a better way to deal with sleep apnea than CPAP or surgery. I spent 4 years studying sleep apnea and I believe that the root cause is due to the attenuation of the signal from the brain to the diaphragm muscles when the sleeper enters stage II sleep. This un-intended side-effect of the "reduction of muscle tonus" that occurs during this transition causes breathing to stop. Then, when the CO2 level gets too high, the sleeper makes a rapid inhalation DRAGGING the soft tissue into the airway, obstructing it and waking them up. The reduction of the signal from the brain is causing the problem.
    So... I found this herbal combination product that INCREASES the signal and keeps the breathing going. This addresses the root cause so you don’t make a rapid inhalation and drag the sagging tissues into the airway. The stuff is called Sleep Apnea Relief and I buy it from Nature's Rite. I've been using it for 4 years and it is really great. So you don't have to use CPAP. I just wanted to let you know.