Sunday, April 11, 2010

An overview of my sleep studies

An overview of my sleep studies

Recently I received a comment from one of my posts asking for more information about my sleep studies.

Here is part of the comment.

I've read quite a few of your entries. For all the trouble you've reported with using CPAP religiously, the blog appears to be short on details. It looks like you've moved into more of the "educating others" mode:-) It'd be interesting to know the chapter and verse of all seven sleep studies, for instance.

Really the problem that I had with the sleep studies is quite simple, I couldn’t fall asleep. I followed the instructions that were given to me for the day of the sleep study. I didn’t take any nap and I cut back on my caffeine intake. But with all the studies that I had I still couldn’t fall asleep. Sleeping in a strange place is probably one of the reasons I couldn’t fall asleep. The sleep study bedrooms all looked like they were hospital rooms. Another reason was the wiring attached to me, I toss and turn quite a bit and at times the wires would get loose. I tried to stay still and sleep on my back but I just ended up staring at the ceiling.

But the biggest reason in my mind was that the test had to last a certain amount of hours which meant that I had to start to sleep no later than 10. Well because of my work schedule I don’t go to bed till after midnight so at 10 o’clock I wasn’t the least bit tired. This seems to irritate the sleep techs even though I explained to them that it was too early for me to fall asleep.

So that is basically why the sleep studies haven’t bee much of a success for me.

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