Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sleep apnea and sex

In the past I have written about how sleep apnea affects relationships and I have also written about sleep apnea and erectile dysfunction. Now there is a study out from the National Sleep Foundation that concludes that one in four couples avoid or skip sex because they are tired.

Of course it isn’t all due to sleep apnea; there are other things that prevent people from sleeping and having sex. In the study it is reported that work schedules are the biggest culprit and that is certainly understandable. Stress and anxiety can also keep you from sleeping. And that isn’t surprising there seems to be a lot of stress and anxiety now a days. Not staying in shape and not eating right also plays a factor in losing sleep. Bad lifestyle choices can lead to illnesses that will certainly affect the amount of rest that you get as well.

There are also sleep disorders other than sleep apnea to content with such as insomnia. During a regular year 30 to 40 percent of people have some kind of insomnia whereas 10 to 15 have an ongoing problem with it.

Sleeping or the lack of sleep can cause not only physical problems and illnesses it can also strain relationships. So it is vitally important to attend to your sleep problems.

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