Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Home sleep monitors

If you have had a sleep study done to see if you had sleep apnea you know what a strange ordeal that can be. You probably remember how weird it was to have wires stuck to your head, chest and legs with type of glue that took along time to get out of your hair, also the strangeness of sleeping knowing that someone is watching you all night. It was all very odd and usually unsuccessful for me as I have written before. But it seems that you don’t have to leave your own home to be tested for sleep apnea now, there are home sleep monitors that can do the trick.

Why would a home sleep monitor be better that a sleep study in a hospital?

The first thing that comes to mind is the comfort level. The places that I have had my sleep studies done aren’t really conducive to sleeping, the rooms are generally cold and for some people like me, sleeping on a strange bed isn’t very comfortable. And there is also less wires attached to you which makes for a more comfortable sleep. Not only will the home sleep monitor test for sleep apnea it can also be used for cpap titration.

The biggest advantage is the cost which is a lot less than staying overnight in a sleep clinic which can be pretty expensive. The only catch is that the home sleep monitoring system isn’t for everybody; your doctor will have to make that call.

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