Saturday, May 15, 2010

How quickly do you fall asleep with sleep apnea?

Most nights I fall asleep fairly quick usually in a few moments after my head hits the pillow. Of course I wake up constantly due to the sleep apnea but most of the time I am so tired that the initially I fall asleep pretty fast. Does this indicate anything other than I am just very tired?

It has been suggested that if you fall asleep faster than 5 minutes than you are experiencing excessive sleepiness. I guess that’s right because I usually fall asleep a lot faster than 5 minutes.

Like most people there has also been nights when I just can’t fall asleep. I stare at the ceiling and worry about how tired I will be in the morning. I have also tried relaxation techniques like self hypnosis which sometime helps but not always. Usually if I can’t get to sleep it means that I took a longer than normal nap in the afternoon and I’m not that tired or maybe it was the weekend and I woke up later. Eating right before bed can also prevent you from falling asleep It seems the best way to handle sleepless nights is just to close your eyes and don’t worry about falling asleep. The more you worry the less chance you’ll have of sleeping. I know that sounds a lot easier than it is.

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