Saturday, May 8, 2010

Interesting information about dreams

Although dreams according to some people only happen during the REM stage of sleep, people with sleep apnea still dream. I know I do. Sometimes the dreams even seem long, other times they are abrupt. I suppose that has to do with the sleep apnea kicking in. I received an email the other day about an article on dreaming called 15 Fascinating Facts About Your Dreams. The list is really interesting with a lot of things that I didn't know.

I knew of some of the things listed like the late night snacking can cause nightmares. That is certainly a problem of mine. And the one about how the REM state is similar to being awake as far as the brain is concerned.

But there are other ones that I truly didn’t know about or even think about like how do blind people dream, it’s an interesting explanation.

The most interesting one for me and it explains why I dream even though I have sleep apnea is that you can dream during any stage of sleep, REM or not.

It is a very interesting article you should check it out.

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