Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How’s your health besides the Sleep Apnea?

Let’s say you don’t have sleep apnea right now and you sleep like a baby. Are you on a regular exercise program, either lifting weights or something aerobic like walking or running? Are you eating the right things like lean meat, fish, fruit and vegetables? Or would you merely live the same way that you do now, a sedentary lifestyle without any regard to weight gain? I ask myself this question often and I am not sure why I don’t live a healthier lifestyle.

One of the first doctors that I saw for sleep apnea asked me if I exercised and watched what I ate. She knew the answer but I guess she just wanted to hear how I was going to respond. I told her I didn’t and I didn’t have any excuses. Then she came up with an excuse for me that I was too tired to motivate myself to exercise. I liked that reasoning and that became my general excuse for not exercising and eating right.

It’s not a good excuse.

You know that there are different levels of exercise. If I was training for a marathon or a triathlon the workout would really be intense. But I’m not. This is the important thing about exercise, start slow and gradually increase the amount of time and exertion that you are putting into your workout. Even a little exercise is better than know. I know that the sleep apnea makes you tired but still try to at least walk some every day. The benefits will be tremendous.

The same goes for eating right. Don’t all of a sudden go on a strict diet. Slowly incorporate more fruits and vegetable into your meals. And slowly eat less of the junk food.

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