Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sleep disorders and trying to stay awake during the day

Are you a big coffee drinker or do you drink a lot of sodas during the day to stay awake? Caffeine can only help for a little while till you need another fix. Lack of sleep is quite a big problem today. Sleep disorders, especially sleep apnea can have quite a negative effect on your life. They make life a living hell as you try to stay awake during the day.Your quality of life takes a beating and your productivity lessens as you struggle to stay awake.  And the thing is that there are many reasons why you can't stay awake during the day.

The other day I received an email from Jena Ellis. She gave me a blog link about eight reasons that you can’t stay awake during the day. The article describes such sleep disorders as sleep apnea which most people know about to less well known disorders. Something that I found interesting was that dehydration was on the list because it causes fatigue.

It is a good post that is definitely worth checking out.

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    My experience with anti-snoring products currently in the market indicate that they are not effective enough and simply do not do the job they claim to do. While asleep, the body is in a sub-conscience state where there is almost no control over the movements of the body. The manufacturers of today’s anti-snoring products seem to confine the problems of snoring and sleep apnoea to just the head and neck. What about the rest of the body? Our experience indicates that to achieve meaningful results, a holistic approach is needed to prevent or minimize snoring. We need to consider not only the head and neck, but the entire body in the sub-conscience state.

    The first process is to determine the seriousness of the snoring problem by having a polysomnogram done at your general hospital. If the condition is considered serious and chances of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure or stroke is high.

    With any device or anti-snoring aid, the user needs to adapt to the use of that aid before benefits can be realized. With the CPAP machine, there are adaptability issues such as inconvenience and loss of physical comfort to overcome. The CPAP machine was never designed for physical comfort, because of its purpose and the way it is constructed. The features and structure of the mask and machine can restrict movements of changing sides while asleep.

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    Oswald Abraham

  2. No, Oswald I'm not agreee the anti snoring pillows are very useful with time, because can correct your sleeping position so the snoring will dissappear.