Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sleep apnea and mental illness

Everyone knows that after a restless night the following day will be challenging. You wouldn’t be as alert as you usually are and your mental capacity will be way off. And of course your less than cheerful mood will probably be noticeable to others around you. If you have sleep apnea than you might be experiencing that every day. Everyone knows about how sleep apnea can cause damage to your heart but it can also bring about mental illness.

I have written before about how sleep apnea can cause depression. If you haven’t slept for years then it isn’t any wonder that you would be depressed. Of course if you are depressed then this could also have a negative effect on your sleeping so it can become a vicious cycle.

Sleep apnea can also affect our ability to remember things and to think in general. Concepts that should be easy to understand might become difficult or impossible to comprehendible with sleep apnea. Constant sleep apnea reduces the size of brain tissue that is associated with thought and memory. Luckily there is evidence that using a cpap might help restore your brain tissue.

Maintaining a good mental health is just another reason to correct your sleep apnea.

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