Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Things you should know about the cpap machine

Everyone that has been diagnosed with sleep apnea has probably tried using a cpap mask. While some find it a life saver others view it as a torture device. It definitely isn’t a natural feeling to wear a mask to bed, especially a mask that pushes air into your mouth or nose. If you are thinking about using a cpap mask here are a few things you might want to know about them.

  • The cpap mask can either be full face or just fit over your nose. If you breathe through your mouth then the full mask is for you.
  • One of the reasons I didn’t like the cpap was the noise that it made. Fortunately this issue has been addressed by many of the companies that manufacture cpap machines.
  • One of the fears that I had when I wore a cpap was what if the power went off.
  • Having a beard with a full face mask can be a problem. It is difficult enough to get the mask to fit without any leaks but having beard makes it much worse.
  • Even if you can’t sleep the whole night with the mask on some rest with the cpap is better than none.
  • Some studies have concluded that using a cpap can restore brain tissue.
  • If you have any problems with claustrophobia then the cpap mask might not be for you.
  • In order to keep the air that is flowing into the mask moist a humidifier is used.
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  1. Have you tried the Pillar Procedure? I have had friends have this done in Dallas at The Snoring Center.

  2. I asked a doctor about them and he said that my sleep apnea wouldn't be helped with the pillar procedure
    thanks for the comment