Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sleep apnea and smoking

The last post I wrote about was whether coffee and sleep apnea can be a good combination. Some think it isn’t a bad idea while others think you should avoid it entirely. But when it comes to sleep apnea and smoking you aren’t going to find anyone that thinks that is a good idea. Of course smoking in any circumstance is a very bad idea.

For the last forty years or so the health industry has continually warned us about the perils of smoking. Lung cancer, heart disease, atherosclerosis and a host of other ailments are caused or made worse by smoking (nicotine). So it should come as no surprise that smoking would be detrimental to those with sleep apnea.

According the, smokers are 3 times greater at risk to have sleep apnea because it increases the amount of inflammation and fluid retention in the upper airway. If you stop smoking then these risks should go away.

Of course quitting smoking isn’t that easy. If it was then you wouldn’t see all the quite smoking products on the market. Another factor that you have against you if you are trying to quit smoking or lose weight is the lack of energy due to the sleep apnea. It sounds like an excuse but if you are really tired it is sometimes difficult to break your most addictive vices.

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