Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Support groups for sleep apnea

Do you feel all alone with sleep apnea even though you know that millions of folks are going through the same things that you are every night? You aren’t the only one that feels tired during the day and struggles to sleep at night. So why not seek out other folks that have the same sleeping disorder that you do. Join a support group for sleep apnea.

One of the best things that the internet or the web offers is communication between folks all over the world. Whether it is about financial problems or car problems or health problems you can always find someone who has had the problem before and you probably find a solution to that problem.

With health issues like sleep apnea support groups give information about surgeries, all things cpap (bipap, apap), lifestyle changes and most importantly they give you support, which is something we all need.

Where do you find the support groups?
  • Before social media came along the best place to go to talk about specific issues like sleep apnea would be forums and it is still a great way to learn and communicate with others. 
  • Facebook seems to have their hand in everything now including groups for just about anything including sleep apnea. Just do a search you’ll find many of them. 
  • Twitter is another great place to find sleep apnea folks.



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