Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Becoming pregnant and sleep apnea

In march I wrote a post of infertility and sleep apnea. I talked about all the possible difficulties that might occur if your partner has sleep apnea and you are trying to conceive. I was very happy to see from the following 3 comments that I have received that some couples have attributed their pregnancies to relieving their sleep apnea.

Here are the comments…

1st comment
Hi there! I tried for 9 years to have another child. I spent 25,000 too. After being diagnosed in May of this year, given a CPAP, etc....I became pregnant at 39 years of age, 6 weeks later. My husband is postitive that the CPAP is the reason why. In fact, my Dr. at The Ohio State University is thinking about doing a study based on this.

2nd comment...
My DH and I tried for 3.5 years to conceive, including three rounds of artificial insemination and three IVFs. I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and began using a CPAP. Six weeks later, I was pregnant. Our DS is nearly 1!

I don't know if there is a link between my infertility and my sleep apnea, but I believe there is. It stands to reason that if I wasn't getting anywhere near a good night's sleep my body, especially my hormones, would be adversely affected

3rd comment...
My parents were trying to conceive for 2yrs w/ no luck then my dad was diagnosed w/ sleep apnea.After he got his sleep machine for it my mom got pregnant right away. And produced my brotherl

After reading these comments it definitely seems that correcting sleep apnea will help with becoming pregnant.

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