Sunday, October 24, 2010

Losing weight and sleep apnea

One of the things that seem to go hand in hand with sleep apnea is being overweight. It is certainly understandable considering that the blockage in the back of your throat due to excess tissue is probably due to weight gain. Of course not all sleep apnea patients are overweight, as you probably know the shape of your face and an enlarged tongue can also cause sleep apnea. In my case I have all three problems, I am overweight, I have a big face and an enlarged tongue. I can’t do anything about the shape of my face or my enlarged tongue (of course surgery might help but I don’t want to go there). However losing weight is something that I can do about, but I don’t. Why? I have other health issues that limit how much exercise I can do but I don’t have any excuses for eating too much.

Exercise and weight loss which are so important is ignored by plenty of folks. Even with the dire consequences of not living a healthy lifestyle, eating right and exercise are put off and forgotten. The question is why? Lifetime habits of a sedentary life are difficult to break and it is extremely difficult when you aren’t getting the proper rest.

So what should you do? Start slowly and don’t worry if you don’t make progress right away. I little walking is always good just don’t overdo it. The same goes for dieting, or eating right. Don’t starve yourself and try to incorporate fresh fruit and vegetables as much as you can into your diet plan. But the first step has to be to talk to your doctor before dieting and exercise.

Besides becoming healthier your sleep apnea will also benefit from weight loss.

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