Sunday, October 17, 2010

Poor concentration and sleep apnea

Whether you have sleep apnea or not, poor concentration can be a serious problem. Whether your lack of concentration happens at work or at home or god forbid, driving a car, you definitely need to improve it. It is well known that sleep apnea affects a person’s memory and alertness so it isn’t any wonder that it can lead to poor concentration.

How does sleep apnea cause poor concentration?

One of the main problems with sleep apnea besides making you awake many times through out the night is the lack of oxygen that you receive. That lack of oxygen damages brain tissues which in turn causes memory problems and concentration problems. Fortunately if you resolve your sleep apnea situation your memory and concentration problems with the cpap machine or other devices then your memory and concentration will improve. So there is definitely hope for those with sleep apnea.

Since we now know that children can suffer from sleep apnea it is no wonder that their education will suffer from a lack of sleep. Lapses in memory as well as not being able to concentrate can lead to bad grades and emotional issues. The remedies for children with sleep apnea are similar to those for adults, lose weight and use a cpap machine. As everyone has heard childhood obesity is becoming an ever growing problem in this country and with it comes the various ailments, not only sleep apnea but also diabetes and heart problems. So proper nutrition and regular exercise can certainly help everyone with sleep apnea, not only adults.

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  1. Can I just long have you suffered from sleep apnea? I was diagnosed at the age of 20 when I was mid-way through university doing a law degree. Whilst I had performed well at school I found that during the beginning of my degree I struggled just to keep awake during the lectures, let alone complete assignments. Although I started using a cpap machine in January 2007 and I did see my grades substantially improve, since starting full time work around one year ago I have constantly struggled with my concentration. I guess I am simply looking to blame my poor concentration on sleep apnea and wanted the perspective of someone else who suffers from it too? Also have you lost a lot of weight since finding out you have sleep apnea? I have tried, somewhat unsuccessfully to do so, did it have a dramatic impact on you losing weight (if you did). Sorry for the long post, your thoughts/experiences would be most insightful! Loz

  2. hi,
    I guess I have had sleep apnea for about twenty years or so. I was first diagnosed with it in 1990.
    At times I have lost weight only to put it back on. While losing weight would probably help it wouldn't end my sleep apnea.
    As far as my concentration I believe that it would be definitely better if I have the sleep apnea under control.
    Unfortunately my only option to fix my problem may be surgery because I was unable to use the cpap.
    Good luck and stay in touch and let us know how things are going.