Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Used CPAPs and sleep apnea

As I have stated in various posts on this blog, I have tried to use the CPAP machine but it didn’t work for me. I tried it not only once but twice and both times were failures. There are many reasons such as, the noise, the air leaks, the strangeness of wearing a mask at night and probably other things that I just can’t remember. Luckily my health insurance paid for both experiments with the CPAP machines. From what I understand new ones can be rather expensive. I saw the price range from the upper hundreds to thousands of dollars for new ones that would make sense considering that some machines are more sophisticated than others. The masks can be bought separately. I also saw that many places sold used CPAP machines, which surprised me.

It seems like perfect sense to buy a used CPAP machine if you can find one that has the right features for you. Although I have to wonder why the original owner gave up on the machine you wouldn’t want to buy it if it didn’t work right. if you are considering buying a used one make sure that you are buying from a reputable seller. It probably won’t be the last CPAP that you will ever buy because a CPAP machine wouldn’t last forever. I have read of folks that have had them for 14 or 15 years and some that had to buy a new one after a few years.

Keep in mind that you have to have a prescription and a sleep test in order to use a CPAP machine. The sleep test is really important because that is where you will find out what your CPAP setting is.

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