Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sleep diary and sleep apnea

If you have ever kept a diary or a journal of your life it can be rather illuminating. It can open your eyes up to certain patterns in life and how you deal with them. Although it would be another daily task that you have to keep up with, the rewards can be great. So if you can start keeping track of your daily life why not track how much sleep you get. Not only how much sleep but also how rested you were the next day. Now if you have sleep apnea you would think that your diary would be repetitive but that isn’t necessarily so. It is true that your sleep apnea would affect you every night. But there may be nights that are better than others.


Tips for keeping a sleep diary:

  • Buy a notebook and only use it for sleep diary and not a miscellaneous note pad. 
  • Be consistent and write every day. This can be difficult but it will be worthwhile in the long run. 
  • Write down anything that happened during the day that might have affected your sleep. 
  • Be truthful 
  • Be descriptive. Don’t just say ‘sleep was bad’ that really doesn’t tell anything. 
  • Ask your partner about how you slept. Was your snoring worse than usual? Did you toss and turn all night? 


Since a New Year is starting this is the perfect time to start a sleep diary. Give it a try!

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