Sunday, January 9, 2011

Having a cold and sleep apnea

Just a few weeks ago I had a cold right around Christmas time. Colds are bad anytime but trying to deal with Christmas and all that it involves can be a handful. To top it off I have sleep apnea which becomes worse when my nose is stuffed up and I start to cough. When I went to bed I more or less just laid there and closed my eyes hoping that I would fall asleep. Eventually I did for a short while only to awake with my typical apnea snore. I thought about taking cold medicine but of course you have to be careful because most of that stuff makes you sleepy, which in turn makes the sleep apnea even worse, if that is imaginable.

What if you were using a cpap and you caught a cold?

I didn’t use the cpap machine that long but during the time that I did use it I did have at least one cold and it was particularly unpleasant. On good days I never really felt comfortable with the air being pushed through my throat so when my throat was sore it was especially bad. Even with a humidifier the dry air made my throat even drier. Unfortunately I used a full face mask because I breathed through my mouth at night and not my nose. Not that it mattered because when you have a cold your nose is congested. So what did I do? Like I did on many nights I would give the mask a try then pull it off and attempt to get some rest. I should say that although I didn’t have any luck with the cpap there are millions of people who have been able to get used to it and when they get a cold they probably continue to use it also.

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