Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Late night eating and sleep apnea

With the New Year upon us many are thinking about their excess weight and how to lose it. They realize that a new year is a great time to start a exercise program and a diet. if you have sleep apnea becoming more healthy is even more important because if you lose the weight than the sleep interruptions during the night will be cut down (at least they should) if you aren't that ambitious and find that you don't have will power to diet and exercise, there is one thing that you should at least try and that's to cut out late night eating. Late night eating can cause you to gain weight and it certainly can affect how you sleep.

This is a bad habit of mine that I have had for years. Right before I go to bed I eat snack food. I know it is a bad habit especially if you have sleep apnea. With all the problems that you face with waking up constantly you don't want to add anymore problems. But what can you do? Probably the best way to wean yourself off late night snacking is to say I won't eat after a certain period of time. When you feel comfortable with that time, set your no eating zone earlier in the evening. Another good sleeping tip that will help you out with this is try to go to bed at the same time every night. Also be careful what food you snack on, the healthier the better.

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