Sunday, May 8, 2011

Confusional arousals

When it comes to sleep the optimal result is waking the next morning ready to start the day and fully refreshed from a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately that isn’t the case with a good percentage of the population, especially those who have sleep apnea. What is really bizarre and thankfully rare is waking up in a confused state as if you don’t know where you are. Your memory is weak and you are unable to hold up your end of a conversation. You might be experiencing a Parasomnia called Confusional Arousals.

This is definitely different than waking up groggy which happens quite a bit with a lot of us. Confusional Arousals is one Parasomnia of the sleep disorder referred as Arousals. The other two are sleepwalking and sleep terrors. The fact that children have sleep arousals is common to all three. As for why it occurs it might be heredity or it might be caused by medication. In adults drinking too much alcohol may also bring it on or even being awoken too quickly. Confusional arousals are sometimes referred to as sleep drunkenness when it happens to adults whereas with children it is certainly more frightening especially to the parents.

Since children usually outgrow these episodes there really isn’t any danger unless it is sleep waking, which may be a problem if the child runs into something. As for adults you may be prescribed medication or you might be directed to someone who can instruct you on relaxation techniques.

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