Sunday, July 3, 2011

CPAP may not help recover what is lost from sleep apnea

About a year ago I wrote a post about how the CPAP mask after continued use would help to restore brain tissue. Although I have never been able to use the mask it was still good news for those folks who can tolerate a mask on their face all night.  Unfortunately I read an article the other day that disputes that finding.
The latest study was different in a few crucial ways from the first. The folks in the study were older and the study was held over a long period of time. The article suggested that may have played a part in there being different results.
According to Dr. Tracy Kuo “This was an older group of patients, and perhaps this repetitive, chronic hypoxemia they have lived with for many years prior to receiving treatment may have resulted in some changes at the brain level that are irreversible”
Another thing that was different was the length of the study 6 months to a year for the previous study to 18 months for the latest study.
This shouldn’t be considered a deterrent to anyone who is going to try the CPAP mask because it has helped many folks with sleep apnea.
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