Sunday, August 14, 2011

Compression socks and sleep apnea

It always amazes me the different things that help with sleep apnea. Whether it is throat exercises or playing the instrument didgeridoo there are many ways that some folks claim helps sleep apnea. I am not saying they don’t help but you heard a lot about cures and whether they work. I read a recent article about another way to reduce sleep apnea and that is with compression socks.
Before I even read the article from medpagetoday I sort of saw where they were going with this. I had written other posts about fluid in the legs and its connection to sleep apnea. Well the article states that compression socks help prevent the accumulation of fluids in the legs during the day. The problem with this is at night the fluid shifts upward into the neck area which in turn causes sleep apnea. So the scientists doing this test imagined that there should be some secondary effect on people with sleep apnea. And they were right.
According to the article 36% of those tested had an improvement on the number of apnea occurrences of course that may not seem like a lot but every small gain should be an encouragement. Another point that they made was that there hasn’t been any long term study of sleep apnea patients wearing compression socks. That would certainly shed a little more light on whether this is effective.
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