Sunday, August 7, 2011

Living with Sleep Apnea

If you do have sleep apnea do you remember what it was like not to have sleep apnea? The ability of waking up feeling like you had a great night’s sleep and feeling refreshed with a lot of energy to spare. It is hard for me to remember that since sleep apnea has haunted me for so many years that I can’t remember what a good night’s sleep is or was. It’s strange but you get used to waking up so many times to start breathing again because that is what obstructive sleep apnea does to you. Living with sleep apnea unfortunately does more than deprive you of rest; it also leads to serious health issues.
Not breathing continuously interrupts the flow of oxygen into the lungs, which is what sleep apnea does. This can also lead to other problems like high blood pressure and possible heart failure. Usually but not in every case those who have sleep apnea also have a problem with their weight, which further exacerbates the problems with your heart. While losing weight is suggested it isn’t always easy especially if you don’t have energy due to your lack of sleep. And that can be a real problem not just an excuse.
After years of losing sleep your body builds up quite a sleep debt. Does your body ever make up for that debt? Some folks say that you can but others aren’t so sure. Either way it is always a good idea to find some way of combating this sleep problem.
If you do think that you have sleep apnea make sure to go to your doctor or an ENT to set up a sleep study which will prove one way or the other if you sleep apnea. If you do find that you have it talk to your doctor about your options for correcting this problem, the last decade or so there have been a lot of research done on sleep apnea so the chance of finding a cure is a lot better now than ever before.
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  1. Interesting and informative post, agree there is much more help available nowadays.