Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ten things I know about the CPAP mask

After years of having sleep apnea and writing a blog on sleep apnea I have learned quite a bit about the subject. One area of sleep apnea is particularly interesting and that is about how the CPAP works for some folks and not for others. In addition there are many aspects of the CPAP machine such as why it doesn’t work for everybody, side effects caused by using the CPAP machine and what is gained and lost from sleeping with it on your face all night.
Ten  things I know about the CPAP mask...
  1. My first post about my initial encounter with the CPAP machine at a sleep study. It wasn’t a good experience.
  2. One of the best devices that now come along with the CPAP machine is a humidifier. The air that blows through the hose tends to become dry which in turn dries out your mouth. The humidifier helps with that.
  3. Having a beard and trying to use the CPAP machine isn’t a good idea. The beard can cause leakage which is definitely something you don’t want.
  4. Make sure to clean your CPAP machine if you are able to use it. Germs can build up without proper cleaning.
  5. You lose a lot by not being able to sleep. Can you regain any of it by using a CPAP.
  6. Wearing a mask at night can be uncomfortable especially if it is during the summer when it is hot.
  7. It is wise to learn as much as possible about the CPAP machine before buying it.
  8. There are other things that can help with your sleep apnea besides using a CPAP.
  9. What is a hybrid CPAP mask? A combination of the best features of all makes of the mask.
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