Sunday, January 15, 2012

Get checked for sleep apnea

In the past I have written about how difficult it is to have sleep apnea and work the late shift. Even for folks who don’t have sleep apnea changing your sleep pattern so dramatically can cause sleep problems. Years ago I had a job where I had to sleep during the day and it was very difficult to get used to it (at the time I didn’t know that I had sleep apnea either. Last week I work a post about the growing concern of police officers having sleep disorders particularly sleep apnea. I received a comment from someone who had police officers in her family. She also wrote about her own situation regarding being a nurse and working the night shift.
Here is part of the comment…
I am a Nurse and used to work nights. I had much difficulty with a sleep pattern that worked for me. I began to fall asleep at work, driving, at the dinner table etc...The dr. thought I had sleep apnea but it wasn't until I became non responsive at the dinner table with my family thinking it was a normal episode until I would not respond at all. I ended up in Critical Care Unit for 3 days and my husband insisted for them to check for apnea which he has asked for years. They finally listened I have severe apnea, obstructive, mixed, central w 42 apnea events at normal sleep and 72 at REM. I now have bi-pap. Sleep apnea is not an easy thing to live and do everyday activity.

Thank goodness she was able to get help before it was too late. I hope that the bi-pap works for her, although I didn’t have much luck with it.
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