Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hearing loss and sleep apnea

It seems at times that sleep apnea can be connected to just about any kind of health problem that you can imagine and that is certainly understandable considering how it affects the body.  Not getting enough or any rest makes you susceptible to injuries because of your lack of concentration. It is well known about all the things that can happen to your body when you don’t get enough oxygen (caused by obstruction in the back of the throat) such as heart disease, diabetes and blood pressure problems.  What I just found out that there might be a connection between hearing loss and sleep apnea.
There was a study done in Taiwan that suggests that there could be a link between OSA and hearing loss according to  Sudden hearing loss was found in people who had sleep apnea as well, although the percentage wasn’t that high.  A Doctor is quoted in the article that the problem of sudden hearing loss may be due to plaque in the blood vessels which can occur with sleep apnea. The vessels of the brain that control hearing may also be affected by plaque as well causing hearing loss. While nothing can be substantiated or definitely proven it opens up another area to study with regards to sleep apnea.
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