Sunday, March 25, 2012

Strange cures for sleep apnea

Conventional wisdom always tells us to follow the tried and true cures for illnesses whether it is for a cold or something much worse. And that makes sense because your doctor is usually instructing you to do that. However you probably have also heard of home remedies or tricks that can also make you better.  The main remedy for sleep apnea of course is the CPAP machine, a rather cumbersome device that blows air down your mouth while you try to sleep. The constant air forces the airway to remain open in the back of the throat. While this method has proven to be effective for a lot of folks it is very difficult to get used to.  There are other cures, strange cures, for sleep apnea.

You probably wouldn’t think that making faces would help with sleep apnea but some people believe that it does.  In the past I have written about face and throat exercises and how they strengthen the throat muscle which in turn prevents them from collapsing while you sleep.  I have read that some folks have found this beneficial but not everyone.

Another is playing the didgeridoo, a wind instrument from the aborigines from Australia. Once again this will supposedly strengthen the muscles of the back throat.

Something that isn’t really strange but I know will help is losing weight in the battle will sleep apnea. Less weight means less fat around the fat which another cause of blocking the airway.  Losing weight when you are tired isn’t easy but it is definitely worth a try.

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