Sunday, April 29, 2012

How fast is sleep apnea’s damage?

Some illnesses bring on health problems right away whereas others might go undetected for quite a while. I used to wonder where you would put sleep apnea, does it have an immediate impact on you or does it take a while.  If you consider that there are a lot of folks that have sleep apnea and don’t even know it you would think that severe health risks would arise after some time. In a recent article in Science Daily they go over a study that showed how quickly sleep apnea can affect the body.

The study looked at the effect that sleep apnea had on a group of middle aged men who had obstructive sleep apnea and their conclusion was that even a mild form of sleep apnea can cause problems in the cerebral vessels which may lead to a stroke.  What is really frightening is that the cerebral vessels may be altered after 30 days!

That has to be awfully scary for anyone who has had sleep apnea it should also be “wakeup call” for those who think that they might have sleep apnea but they haven’t been tested.  If the present is any indication the number of people with sleep apnea will continue to rise causing an incredible health risk in the future.

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  1. That is scary...esp when you are told that you probably had it as a teen and you are in your 40's then. Apparently as a teen it did not effect me badly as far as noticble issues. After kids, weight gain and otehr raised its ugly head in the form of migraines that I suffered from since my 20's.....only to talk to the dr. in my 40's about them. I found that the littlest sign is a reason to think about this. My mirgraines were telling me all along but until I told my nuro about waking with them...the flag did not go up. I have been on the CPAP for 7 yrs now but since then other issues like fibromyalgia, asthma, acid reflux, and IBS have developed. Along with the fibro I have back issues that it messes with, shoulder issues and all the aches and pains that go with it.....recently to be told I have Raynauds in my fingers which goes with fibro. I have also developed skin lupus...which I read goes hand in hand with fibro....all started with the sleep.

  2. it really seems that sleeping or the lack of it can bring a world of trouble, not only emotionally but physically as well. Every year it seems another report that is out makes the connection between sleep disorders and health issues.
    It sounds like you have quite a bit to deal with and it all seems to go back to sleep. Hopefully if you can get your sleep apnea under control maybe that would help lessen the other health issues, (hopefully)
    Hang in there and stay in touch