Sunday, June 17, 2012

New report on sleep apnea and sex drive

Every week there seems to be a new reason to control your sleep apnea and this week is no different. If heart problems, GERD, diabetes, depression, high blood pressure and memory troubles aren’t enough for you to seek help then you also might want to consider something else, sleep apnea interferes with your sex drive, if you are a male.

According to a report from the Sleep Disorder Center of Walter Reed Military Hospital” erectile dysfunction is common in younger men with sleep apnea, but that E.D. -- and libido -- improves in men who use the CPAP, or continuous positive airway pressure machine.” The test results showed that 54 % of those tested found an improvement in their E.D. problems. It also seemed to help with their sex drive as well.

It’s no surprise that the CPAP machine is credited with helping men with these types of sexual issues, in most sleep apnea health problems CPAP is usually considered the best way to end or control this disorder. Of course as many of you probably know using a CPAP mask at night can be difficult to get used to even though there has been lots of improvements to the mask and machine over the years.

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  1. Hi there, The mask may help but has anyone ever thought about the partner? First we get no sleep but we cant complain, then we are told: its not my fault even though the guy has mistreated his body for a good 15 years overeating & not listening to loved ones or doctors until he is finally told , you will die if you dont change & here is a machine that should help.All I ever hear is great to the guy " you've got the Cpap machine" -things should improve now.
    how about the partner, the machine is load , obtrusive & not very good to cuddle up to!!!
    There is no sex, no itimacy & everyone expects you to hang in there!!! it is not fair, I could wait 2 years until he loses the weight ( if ever) & have to sleep next to a buzzing machine with ear plugs... I am happy he is FINALLY getting help but why should I have to suffer until things are better... sexual frustration doesnt even cover it.

  2. thanks for comment I hope things get better for you.