Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sleep disorders like sleep apnea are big business

Everybody know that the cost of health care over the years has sky rocketed.  Being sick, especially having a disorder or illness can be very expensive.  And that is certainly true when it comes to sleep disorders like sleep apnea.  Some thirty years ago health issues like sleep disorders didn’t seem to get much attention but now a more health conscious society understands the importance of getting a good night’s sleep.  One of the most expensive and growing sleep disorders is sleep apnea.

Why sleep apnea?

Why has sleep apnea become such a leading problem among the general population, young and old. As we have talked about before one of the most common connections of sleep apnea is the air blockage of the throat and what often causes that is fatty tissue which in turn comes about because of being overweight.  There are other factors involved such as the shape of the face and the size of the tongue but being overweight is definitely the main reason. Ironically losing weight will certainly reduce the amount of apnea that you suffer with but it may not fix it completely.

Sleep apnea equals big business!

According to MEDpagetoday the US is the largest market for sleep apnea products followed by  Europe and Asia. And the whole global market is expected to worth a little under 20 billion by 2017. That is pretty big business!

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