Sunday, September 2, 2012

No get up and go with sleep apnea

Energy or the lack of it seems to be a major problem with just about everybody over the age of 50, maybe even 40. This has really become a hot issue due to the fact that the population as a whole is getting older.  As we get older it our vim and vigor doesn’t last too long and that is understandable because of natural causes and some things that we bring on our own like not eating right and forgetting about exercising.  Another energy zapper is lack of sleep or lack of quality sleep.  As you probably know sleep apnea is one of the biggest sleep problems around.

A night’s sleep can be broken down into 5 stages, with each one being important. sleep apnea can interrupt probably the most vital stage of sleep which is rapid eye movement or REM.  Not only is the body’s muscles rejuvenated during this stage but the brain is active which helps with memory and other functions. These factors can certainly help drain any energy that you may have.

What can you do about lack of energy due to sleep loss?

The best thing that you can do is work on eliminating your sleep apnea either through a type of CPAP or even a dental device depending how bad your sleep apnea is.  Losing weight may not cure sleep apnea but it can lessen the effects of it not to mention make you more healthy. Surgery is also an option but usually it is a last resort.

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