Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sleep apnea and Rick Perry

Sleep apnea can have an effect on just about anyone no matter who you are or what you are doing.  Sports figures like professional football players have had to deal with this problem for quite a while and its no wonder because of the extra weight that they carry around plus the enlarged neck. But you don’t often hear about politicians especially presidential candidates having sleep apnea. This past week there has been talk that Rick Perry has suffered from a sleep disorder (sleep apnea) which may have caused some of the problems he had on the campaign trail.

According to New York Times "Perry had kept in touch with his medical team, and by early October, days after the Florida fiasco, the campaign had urgently consulted sleep specialists, bringing them in to investigate.

"After conducting overnight tests on Perry, they produced a rather startling diagnosis: He had sleep apnea, and it had gone undetected for years, probably decades."

That is certainly understandable because sleep apnea can play havoc with your memory as well as your energy.  Although in another article from the Houston Chronicle Perry denies that the problem was sleep apnea at all he claims it was due to a foot injury and that he was sleeping fine right now.


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