Sunday, January 31, 2010

The risk factors of sleep apnea

There are common risk factors and symptoms involving sleep apnea. If you think that any the listed items may pertain to you then you might want to talk to your doctor about sleep apnea.
  • Hereditary – It is common to find that sleep apnea can be hereditary. It was in my case, my father had it and so do I. 
  • Overweight – This is probably the most common risk factor when it comes to sleep apnea. If you are overweight your chances of having sleep apnea are pretty good. The excess weight that you carry around your neck blocks the airway passage in your throat. 
  • If you are a man – Men tend to have sleep apnea more than women. One possible reason for this is women are always diagnosed with this sleeping disorder. ( It is important whether you are a man or woman to find out if you have sleep apnea. ) 
  • Facial structure – the shape of your face plays a big part in whether you have sleep apnea or not. A narrow face might mean that your airway is narrow also. This also ties into the hereditary factor.  
  • Alcohol – Drinking isn’t good for you in many ways and it certainly doesn’t help your sleeping. Drinking causes the muscles in the back of the throat to loosen and block your airway.

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