Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Didgeridoo and sleep apnea

I read quite a bit about sleep apnea but this is entirely new to me. There have been reports that playing the didgeridoo will help with your sleep apnea.

What is a didgeridoo? A didgeridoo is a wind instrument that comes from the aborigines tribes in Northern Australia. It is a long wooden instrument that is made out of Eucalyptus trees.
So how does it benefit sleep apnea patients?

A study was done in 2005 in Switzerland where they found that playing the didgeridoo would help with day time sleepiness and also sleep apnea. They also concluded that training the upper airway might reduce its collapsibility during sleep.
Here is the link to the study.

And if you aren’t living in Northern Australia you can still buy a didgeridoo online.

You know it might be worth a try. After I try the throat exercises I might look into buying a didgeridoo.

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  1. Thanks for posting the link to the didgeridoostore! I just ordered one from them to try out :)


  2. Josh,
    Let me know if it works

  3. Didge for apnea is great. I worked hard for
    10 months 20 min a day..after 5 months things
    were getting better..added to nose strips,
    weight loss, exercise, bed elevated, and
    sleeping on the side..all together even better..

  4. great advice, thanks for commenting!

  5. This is fascinating! I have been a CPAP user for 10 years now but have never heard of this therapy. Anything is worth a try but I guess its still part of a whole approach to treating apnea.I have found weight loss to be beneficial and being persistent in wearing the mask- you notice when you've had a night off.

  6. Hi BJay,
    you never know what therapy might be effective until you try it. thanks for the comment and stay in touch