Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sleep apnea and the NFL

Sleep apnea has become a major health risk for an ever growing segment of the population. Why now? There are a couple reasons such as sleep disorders and sleep apnea in particular has gotten a lot of press over the years as health in general is being closely watched. Lack of sleep can lead to more problems than just being tired. Another health issue that is connected to sleep apnea is being overweight. The excess pounds are a major contributing fact to sleep apnea where fat in the face and neck areas can cause blockage in the back of the throat. One group of folks that seem to be affected by this is NFL players.

 According to a story on ABC GMAA new medical study finds that up to one-third of NFL players have sleep apnea, a disorder that creates serious health risks and increases the chance that players will not get a good night's sleep before they hit the gridiron.”

That is mind boggling but certainly believable considering excess weight is a big part of sleep apnea. Being over 300 pounds isn’t out of the norm for a lot of players especially line men. And having a large thick neck along with being heavy also ups the odds of getting sleep apnea.

It seems certain that the league is taking sleep apnea very seriously considering all the health risks that are involved for the players.

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