Sunday, December 2, 2012

Is sleep apnea making you depressed?

One of my earliest blog posts dealt with depression and sleep apnea where I wrote about how obstructive sleep apnea might be part of the reason I have been plagued with depression.  In fact I have also had doctors tell me that they think the lack of sleep certainly could be a big factor in my being depressed, although it isn’t the only factor by far.  I read an article at the Scientific American website that seems to back up that idea.

According to the article, “People with depression or other mental illnesses often report trouble sleeping, daytime drowsiness and other sleep-related issues. Now a growing body of research is showing that treating sleep problems can dramatically improve psychiatric symptoms in many patients.”

A study was conducted at the Cleveland Clinic  assessed  that women have a greater chance of becoming depressed from sleep apnea than men who have twice the change of being depressed while women’s chances are five to one. 

In fact the article goes on to say that trying to deal with the sleep issues should be tried before attempting any use of anti-depression medications. This sounds like a great way to attack the problems of depression of course it wouldn’t work for everyone but it would be worth the endeavor.

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