Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sinus irrigation and sleep apnea

One of the problems that I had with the cpap machine was that my sinuses were always stuffed up, especially in the morning after a night of the air blowing in my mouth and nose. It seemed like I had a cold or allergies everyday, I was always blowing my nose or feeling congested. From what I understand that feeling isn’t uncommon among people who use cpap machines. Of course it may be different now because of the humidifiers built into the machines, however I’m not quite sure.

But there does seem to be one way to counter a stuffed up sinus, sinus irrigation.
I had never heard or read about it till I saw an article about it on the web, (you can find everything on the web).

It seems that this is an ancient procedure for draining the nasal passages. You can either whip up the recipe at home or buy a kit at the health store. Before you try any of this you need to talk to your doctor about sinus irrigation to see if it is okay. I would be leery about pouring anything in my nostrils. But apparently it works for some people. Check out this video about a guy doing it at home without a kit.

You can also find a recipe at the following link

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