Sunday, May 15, 2011

CPAP Insomnia

Sleep apnea is just one of many sleeping disorders that affect millions of people every night. Other disorders broken into two categories Parasomnia and Dyssomnias might not lead to such serious sleep apnea side effects such as heart disease and diabetes but they can cause great psychological problems. One of those disorders that fall in the Dyssomnias group is insomnia, a sleep disorder that can be a problem anywhere from a few days to years. There are lots of reasons for insomnias such as medication, long term illnesses and stress but oddly enough it can also be caused by using a device that helps with sleep apnea, the CPAP.

I have written many times about how difficult it was for me to use the CPAP mask and machine. Wearing the mask at night was cumbersome for me and the feeling the air blowing down my throat was something I couldn’t get used to. I tried on two different occasions with two different types of machines, CPAP and BIPAP and neither worked. I hated that it didn’t work for me because millions of folks find relief with the CPAP mask every night, unfortunately I didn’t.

Could the CPAP mask be causing the insomnia?

This is an interesting question because it could be difficult to ascertain whether the insomnia is caused by other problems or just the CPAP mask. When you are dealing with insomnia it could be any number of things that are causing it, including the CPAP mask.

Give the mask a chance before discarding it after time you may find that you will get used to it. Always check with your Doctor about possible treatments for insomnia.

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  1. I have sleep apnea but I do not fit the bill for your typical sleep apnea sufferer. I am very thin, young, great health (with the exception of the apnea). I suffer from severe TMJD from clenching my teeth to keep my airway open while sleeping. I find if I sleep on my back (like most apnea sufferers) it is by far the worst. If I sleep on my side or stomach, it is much better, but my jaw goes out of alignment due to my head being tilted sideways. Do you think apnea sufferers would find relief if they could sleep face down (not head tilted to the side) somehow, such as on a massage table?

  2. Sorry to hear you're struggling to get used to CPAP, BiPAP etc. It isn't easy and some people struggle for longer than others, not that that is much comfort for you right now.

    Don't be afraid to take charge with your healthcare professional and try everything. There are different masks and even the option of having CPAP devices with the facility to gradually increase the air pressure. The idea being that you fall asleep before experiencing any discomfort related to the high air pressure.

    Best of luck in the future.

  3. @anonymous,
    I used to sleep face down but my acid reflux really started to act up.
    thanks for the comment
    @Devilbis healthcare
    thanks for the comment

  4. The Cpap Machines are used when a person has a respiratory failure. It requires intensive care for the hospitals to use this machine for their patients. Sleep apnea is the main disease which is cured through this machine. This disease affects both adults and children.