Sunday, September 11, 2011

Are pediatricians being trained to handle sleep apnea?

As many of you already know sleep apnea isn’t just for middle-aged people who are overweight.  Potential victims of sleep apnea cover a much wider range than that, young adults and children may also experience the dangerous effects of sleep apnea. We don’t hear much about children having sleep apnea; usually you read about how older folks try to cope with it by using the CPAP machine or a dental device or maybe even surgery.  But some children do suffer from it. What is really surprising is something that I read the other day that a lot of pediatricians aren’t being trained to handle sleep apnea.
Sleep apnea isn’t the only sleep disorder that children, including infants, can have. Bedwetting is something that a lot of parents have to deal with as well as night terrors where the child will wake up terrified.  Snoring can also be a problem.
According to an article in MedscapeThe vast majority of pediatricians believe it is their role to advise parents or guardians on sleep hygiene for their children, yet very few have ever received training do to so, according to new research published online August 28 and in the September print issue of Pediatrics.”  this seems rather troubling news considering how dangerous sleep apnea can be in children as well as adults. Hopefully this research will rectify this training issue.
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