Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Staying awake and sleep apnea

Like most folks who have sleep apnea I get tired during the day so I drink ice tea to keep me awake. I imagine that coffee, tea and soft drinks are popular with sleep apnea patients who are also trying to stay awake.

If you have sleep apnea you know how tired you can get during the day. The lack of sleep at night puts you in a state of exhaustion from the moment you wake up till you lay down at night. Of course when you lay down you go straight into the sleep apnea pattern of falling asleep only to wake a few moments later. Unfortunately this pattern goes on all night.

So after the usual rest less night you grab whatever drinks that are loaded with caffeine first thing in the morning. And if you are like me you will drinking your caffeine drink all day probably up till the time you are ready to go to bed. Besides all the adverse effects of sleep apnea you also have to deal with the problems of caffeine. One of the main problems of caffeine is that it raises high blood pressure which increases the chance of heart disease. Now you have to drink a lot of caffeine drinks to fall under that risk but it still a problem considering sleep apnea is also bad for your heart.

Breaking the addiction to caffeine is tough for anyone but for someone with sleep apnea it is even more difficult. It would probably be better (not easier) to fix the sleep apnea first. It is all more evidence that sleep apnea has to be dealt with.

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